2021-08-08 KW31

Posted on Aug 8, 2021

On our way to a first version ready for PrototypeFund Demoweek!


  • Sort out tasks for everything that needs to be done until demoweek.
  • Finish up a first version of search index integration in hubgrep_search (search filters, update scripts, made a demo setup for everything).
  • Optimize queries for postgres, practically taking a step back from sqlalchemy.
  • Got keyhandling for multiple api keys working in indexer.


  • Getting “real” servers for the whole setup.
  • Prepare for releasing the repos for indexer and crawlers (update readme etc..).
  • Collecting notes for our Protypefund demoweek blogpost.

motivations and challenges

Never thought I knew so little about Postgres. Postgres is nice. :)