Status Update CW17 2021 - First release!

Posted on May 2, 2021 is live!

Maybe too live, we’ve even had a user waving a finger at us!

We can relate though, and appreciate the feedback. Jan more or less posted the same request over on gitlab issues. Just like our user, we just wanted to get at the data without having to authenticate!

Something else has taken form as well, we reorganized and deployed our documentation.

As our first user comment above indicated, Jan has created a presence for HubGrep on Mastodon!


  • Reorganized readme content to be built and deployed automatically on updates to relevant source repositories.
  • Updated our repository descriptions to point to this documentation.
  • Refactored quite a bit of code - and started adding docstrings “everywhere”.
  • Sorted out our organizational boards and tasks for our upcoming milestones.
  • Added open graph tags to so that we get previews when you link to us (depending on platform).


We feel like we have a good setup going for our documentation, now we just have to keep adding to it.

Coming up next is our 3rd milestone where we start implementing crawlers to move away from running proxy searches. These crawlers need to stick the data in a central place where we can normalize it, and then we have to make something that can search over it.