Status Update CW15 2021

Posted on Apr 18, 2021

first release!1


  • rewrite about page, make it replacable
  • prod docker config and build process
  • a lot of setup for our example deployment (docker, backups, mailserver..)
  • asked bmbf for their okay to release with their logo
  • styling
  • rewritten the readme (~2 times)
  • setup circle ci (build status in github commits! \o/)
  • made the github repo public
  • got a server, made a first deployment! (but still waiting for an answer from bmbf before release)


Over the last weeks, we prepared everything for a pre-pre-alpha release of hubgrep. Now we are only waiting for an answer from the bmbf, giving us their “okay” to remove the password in front of

After that, the next big thing on our to-do list is setting up some documentation on readthedocs.

Also, we probably start thinking about the hoster crawlers, and how we connect everything to hubgrep. It would be really nice if we could mix the search api results with results from our own full-text search.
That would make it possible to have our own index for all the smaller instances, while still using the search api for github, for example. That way, we could have a nice, fast search while keeping ram usage low. (But actually, that topic seems pretty far away right now. We have to have the data first.)

motivations and challenges

Almost first release - cant wait to show it around! :)

(And setting up a mailserver really sucks.)

  1. …almost ↩︎