Status Update CW11 2021

Posted on Mar 22, 2021

“its Hobgrebbit, the hubgrep logo”

hubgrep logo

This is our first draft for a logo, and a basis to build a theme on. Frankly, Hobgrebbit is a hungry bastard - tuck in your fingers.


  • a theme idea for design/icon/logo to build further on
  • first naive result ordering
  • basic search cache (redis)
  • setup pytest and coverage
  • setup bumpversion
  • implemented signup (to let the owner of a repository-hosting-service add themselves for crawling and indexing). This bleeds into our 3rd milestone, but it made sense for us to do this step now
  • localization - only eng, but setup is in place to extend it with “little” technical effort


Still chewing on the first milestone, one frog-leg at a time. :-)

We have a good bit of basics up, and for all of them more tweaking to do as we go. In addition to that, the next two weeks we will continue by implementing filtering options when searching, a little bit of artwork, some more frontend, and we want to improve on our build-script to prepare for a nice and easy deployment process.

There’s also monitoring coming up, and then we need to handle some error formatting for the cases where its relevant to inform a search-user of any discrepancies in the search results. Apparently you should have a license for your project as well.

Who knows what we end up working on, two weeks is a long time, there’s at least 5 tuesdays in there - anyway, whatever we do, it’s bound to be very agile®©™.

motivations and challenges

Jan got hypnotized by the new logo illustration, he is now doing all of the work for both of us, but he looks very happy about it.